My Blog On Natural Detoxification : Flush Your Toxins Down the Drain

Natural-Detox-Flush-Your-Toxins-Down-the-Drain-The alarm rings, time to wake up. Your body feels heavy, tired. You wish you could sleep in a few more hours. Your body is not fully rested; it was unable to process all the toxins accumulated. It is your day that will take the toll. Lack of energy, drowsiness, bad mood – let’s talk about waking up on the wrong foot.

Overwhelmed with pollution, pesticides, antibiotics, saturated fats, sugar, stressful lifestyles and lack of exercise only to name a few, your body simply can’t cope. Day after day, your body accumulates toxins it is unable to process naturally. The more toxins it accumulates, the more its natural healing systems become clogged. That feeling tiredness slowly becomes the norm; your body forgets how alive and vibrant it used to be.


Detoxing for Health and Vitality

The human body was naturally designed to revitalize itself in a balanced environment. Since modern world’s addiction to producing or by-producing toxins, the body simply can’t cope. Our environment has become unbalanced, and so have our body systems. As toxic stress increases, the toxins end up lodged within the internal organs, skin, body cells, and unwanted fat. This results in many of us feeling stress, fatigue, anxiety and depression.

Unless you do something to fix this, accumulation of toxins in your body tissues can lower your vitality possibly resulting in premature ageing, degenerative diseases, and potentially aggravate any medical condition.

Detoxing is essential to restore optimum health and vitality. It can seriously enhance virtually every facet of your life. In the long run, those who take care of the equilibrium of their body should expect to live longer and healthier, encounter fewer degenerative health conditions and persistent medical problems.


As the body gets rid of toxins, the digestive system improves, nasal congestion clears, blood pressure levels stabilize, mental clarity and memory improve, and emotional and hormonal fluctuations to return to normal. Cleansing can also boost the effectiveness of any other subsequent restorative healing treatments.

The body has many natural ways to eliminate toxins. Many of us don’t like to hear about their bowel movements, but it is a great way to keep health in check. Healthy intestines naturally excrete toxins; clogged intestines recirculate them into the body. Constipation is strongly related to toxin buildup; the longer toxins stay in the bowel, the more they can be reabsorbed into the systemic circulation. Normal bowel movements should be at least once a day in the form of soft, well-formed stools. There are many small dietary changes you can make to ensure your intestines are healthy and happy.



aloe-vera-625_625x350_71443086188Detoxification with Aloe vera :

Aloe detox is a much discussed subject. Considering Aloe Vera juice for detoxification we have to remember the following important points:
• Diet

• Lifestyle

• Physical Activities (exercise, hobbies, etc)

In everyday life the human body has to detoxify the toxins that are produced in the process of living. Our modern lifestyle is a hindrance to the body in eliminating these toxins.

So the body needs some help from the “outside”. The body has its basic method in detoxifying.

I will explain how Aloe Vera can help this basic process by applying the Aloe detox method.

When the valuable properties are viewed, the Aloe Vera plant can be used for many different problems that relate to deficiency and the need of stimulation. We want to maintain:

• good health,

• feeling better

• and the feeling of total well-being.

The internal cleansing is the number one key to stay healthy. In this process Aloe Vera juice for detoxification is a powerful assistant.
Nearly all the ailments begin in the digestive tract. When long lasting good health is to be achieved, efforts have to be made in correcting all nutritional deficiencies that are caused by poor absorption of the food.

Clinical research and numerous of test have shown that the toxicity level in the blood plasmas is a real problem and not just an idea. The auto-toxicity levels have been proved to be at their highest level in the forenoon. The body is in full action of detoxification in the morning, but if a regular breakfast is eaten the cleansing process is immediately stopped.

So the great importance is the type of breakfast that is consumed. Adding 50 ml of Aloe Vera Juice to your fruit breakfast with no sugar added is a good start for the Aloe Vera detoxification method.

Eating right before going to bed is overloading the body. But everyone has heard the old saying; “in the morning, eat like a king, at noon, eat like a nobleman, and in the evening, eat like a pauper”.The body needs rest…

…and to rest from food “Internal cleansing is physical healing and maintenance”.

The intestine is the number one, largest organ in the immune system. When efforts are made in continually strengthening and build this vital organ, a lot of problems will automatically be taken care of.

Problems like yeast overgrowth, parasites, viruses and lactates can be depressed and detoxified by the usage of Aloe Vera.

This process in the body is a powerful therapeutic potential in healing. With an Aloe detox the body heals and maintains good health.

The Aloe gel is full of fibers which also helps in detoxifying process in a research there is finding that 90 % of the people are having toxic colon and are carrying 2 to 3 kg of toxic waste in the colon and having these toxic colon leads to various diseases including cancer.