Health is wealth

Health is “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity,” according to the Constitution of the World Health Organisation (WHO). WHO makes the following five recommen­dations with respect to both popula­tions and individuals:

Eat roughly the same amount of calories that your body is using. A healthy weight is a balance between energy consumed and energy that is burnt off.
Increase consumption of plant foods, particularly fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains and nuts.
Limit intake of fats, and prefer less unhealthy unsaturated fats to saturated fats and transfats.
Limit the intake of sugar. A 2003 report recommends less than 10 per cent simple sugars.
Limit salt / sodium consumption from all sources and ensure that salt is iodised.

Essential nutrition, adequate proteins, fluid, minerals, fatty acids, vitamins, and essential calories are required for a healthy body. Healthy body is obtained and maintained by healthy diet. A healthy diet is that which has balanced energy providing nutrients. Besides this, intake of proper amount of nutritious diet-neither less nor excessive and exercise – these are the key features of perfect Health.

One important substance for healthy body is antioxidants. They are compound or molecules , that prohibit the oxidation of other molecules in the body and thus prevent the cell damage. Oxidation is a chemical process , caused by too much oxygen in our tissues. It takes electrons from a substance to an oxidising agent. This transferring process produces free radicals in our body. As a result, these free radicals multiply, when this free radical produces another free radical in a cell, it damages the cell. This damage in our body is countered by antioxidants by stopping radical’s chain reaction. In other words, antioxidants counteract free radicals’ damaging effects. So, antioxidants are the fighters of anti-health elements in our body.

Antioxidants – such as vitamin C, vitamin E and carotenoids, which include beta-carotene, lycopene and lutein – help protect healthy cells from damage. We need to know about the functioning and sources of vitamins C, E and carotenoids.


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